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5th TOWER Conference 2014

The 5th TOWER Conference will take place in Houston, TX on September 9-10 2014.


2014 promises a year of rapid development with secured growth of major wind energy markets as wind energy remains the fastest growing alternative energy in the world.

Hosted by the Houston office of the German American Chamber of Commerce of the Southern US, Inc., the 5th TOWER Conference will unite wind energy experts from Europe, Mexico, Canada and the US in interactive discussion on the latest developments and opportunities in the North American wind market. The TOWER Conference will provide participants the opportunity to advance organizational missions while networking with global wind industry leaders.

While Germany and the U.K. continue to drive the wind energy market, expectations of stabilization and growth in both the US and China wind energy markets, as well as the emerging growth of markets in countries such as Sweden, Denmark, Poland and Turkey, guarantees a significant improvement in the wind energy markets in 2014, after global wind demand lessened in 2013.

In addition, the recent energy reforms in Mexico, passed in December 2013, will open all segments of the energy sector to private firms, subsequently increasing economic activity in Texas border cities and the demand for infrastructure improvement throughout Mexico.

This year’s program will address the state of the wind industry globally and locally through 25 hours of cutting-edge information, intensive discussion and powerful networking. Topics will include wind law, environmental issues, ports & infrastructure, finance & insurance, and turbine installations.

TOWER attendees represent the core of global wind energy professionals that are actively searching for new business opportunities and partners, as well as solutions and education on all things related to wind- on- and offshore.

TOWER offers sponsorship opportunities that provide an ideal platform to enhance your image and increase your visibility as a market leader in the wind industry. Sponsors also have the opportunity to utilize exhibitor space to promote their products and services to TOWER attendees.

To connect, learn and engage with global wind energy leaders, register here to attend the TOWER conference.



If you have any questions about the conference or sponsorship packages, contact Ms. Yasmina Sassi at ysassi@gaccsouth.com or call (832) 384-1211.